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What to expect if Arrested in Montebello:

If you are arrested within the city of Montebello you will be transported to the city jail and held for booking. The Booking Process at the city of Montebello Jail is approximately 2- 4 hours and at times can be up to 6 hours depending up on traffic.

Inmates, Male and Female, will remain in the city of Montebello Jail unless they have a medical condition that requires immediate medical attention, if this be the case than the inmate can expect to be transferred to Los Angeles County Jail for for further processing.

If the inmate male or female doesn't require transfer than they will be held at the jail until they can be transferred to the East Los Angeles Court house for their initial arraignment. 

Please Note: If the inmate is being held on a warrant and there are no additional open charges the inmate will be transferred depending on where the warrant is out of. Other than local Warrants! 

Example: Inmate has a Beverly Hills Courthouse warrant, than the inmate will be transferred to either the Beverly Hills Police or Los Angeles County jail. 

Example. Inmate has a Alhambra warrant, than the inmate can expect to be transferred to the Alhambra Police Department to wait for next court date.

About the Montebello Police Station:

The Montebello Police Station is located @
1600 w Beverly Blvd.
Montebello, Ca. 90640
Main Non-Emergency Line: 323-887-1313 

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The Montebello Police Department employs 84 sworn police officers, 17 Reserve Officers, and 45 Civilian Personnel.

The Police personnel are organized into three divisions:
1. Field Services
2. Investigative Services
3. Support Services

The managing authority of the Montebello Police Department is as follows.
Chief of Police: Chief Kevin McClure
2 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, 10 Sergeants, and 2 Civilian Supervisors.

About Chief Kevin McClure:

Chief Kevin McClure was born in the Los Angeles County area in 1961. Chief McClure joined the Los Angeles Police Department as a Police Student worker in 1980 and later was accepted to the Police Academy in October of 1981. After 30 years of service with the LAPD McClure retired with the rank of Captain. In April 2011 Kevin McClure began his career as Police Chief of the City of Montebello.

Chief McClure currently resides in the city of LaVerne with his wife and two daughters. He is very involved in his community and very involved with his children's sports activities.

About the City of Montebello:

Montebello is a small city located in the middle north east part of Los Angeles County, in a part known as the San Gabriel Valley. Montebello is considered part of the Gateway Cities and is a member of the Gateway Cities Council. According to the US Census Bureau the population of MOntebello as of Januarry 1, 2011 was 62,789.

Montebello has a colorful history dating back to the late 1800's when the land was purchased from an Italian immigrant. The Standard Oil Company discovered oil in the Montebello hills in 1917, this changed the face of Montebello from what was previously an agriculture economy was now an oil generating economy.

The city of Montebello not only has its own police department it also has its own fire department and Emergency Preparedness Division which is responsible for the training of public safety employees.

Zip Codes in the Montebello area 90640
Area Codes in the Montebello area 323
Total Area 8.373 sq. miles



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